My Fungicide Spraying Program

Stan’s Fungicide Spraying Program



Spring when first leaves appear          –   Spray with Banner Maxx or Honor  Guard.


Three weeks later and on                    –     Spray with Green Cure at Cure Rate.


If Powdery Mildew develops            –      Spray with Cure Rate of Green Cure.


If Black Spot attacks                          –      Spray with Mancozeb every 7 days for 3 

                                                                       spraying cycles. Follow with spraying of 

                                                                       Green Cure 10 days after last Mancozeb application.


End of Season                                     –       Spray with Banner Maxx, Honor Guard, Green Cure

                                                                       or fungicide of your choice.






Mancozeb will leave a yellowish powder residue upon the foliage of the rosebush. This is part of how it works. The leaves infected with the black spot will not get worse and will not heal back to green leaves either. New foliage should be free of black spot.

To lessen the yellowish powder residue on the foliage, Mancozeb can be mixed with Immunox for application, both added to the spray tank in the amounts needed as if they were the only chemical in the tank. The “follow-up” spraying after Mancozeb with Green Cure is recommended.


Very Important Note: Be sure to water your roses very well prior to any pesticide application!




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