Rose Petal Tea And Rosey Ice Cubes

Rose Petal Tea and Fancy Rose Petal Ice Cubes
By Stan V. (Stan the Roseman) Griep
Native Colorado Consulting Rosarian  
Over 40 years experience growing roses 



A soothing cup of rose petal tea sounds pretty good to break up a stress filled day to me, here is a  recipe for making rose petal tea:  (Note: It is extremely important to be sure the rose petals collected and used for the tea or ice cubes be pesticide free!)


Grandma’s Rose Petal Tea Recipe:


Collect two cups of well packed fragrant rose petals, wash well under cool water and pat dry.

Have ready 1 cup of bulk tea leaves as well. (Tea leaves of your choice.)


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Place rose petals on an ungreased cookie sheet and place them into the oven leaving the door ajar just a bit. Stir the rose petals lightly while drying, the petals should be dried in 3 or 4 hours.


Mix the dried rose petals with the cup of bulk tea leaves of choice into a mixing bowl and stir with a fork until nicely blended. Mash the petals and tea leaves lightly with the fork to break them up a bit but not so much as to make them powdery. A food processor may be used for this also but again go easy as you do not want to make things into a powdery and dusty mess! Store the dried and mix in an airtight container.


To brew the rose petal tea, place approximately one teaspoon of the mix per eight ounces of water into a tea infuser ball, place into the boiling hot water in a teapot or other container and let steep for approximately 3 to 5 minutes to taste. The tea may be served hot or chilled, add sugar or honey to sweeten if desired.


When having friends or relatives over for a special occasion or even just for an afternoon get together, some rose petal ice cubes floating in a bowl of punch or in the cold drinks being served can add a real nice touch.


How to make Rose Petal Ice Cubes:


Collect some colorful and pesticide free rose petals from the rose beds. Rinse well and pat dry. Fill an ice cube try half full with water and freeze the water. Once frozen lay one rose petal on top of each cube and cover with a teaspoon of water. Place trays back in the freezer until frozen again. Once frozen again take ice cube trays out of the freezer and fill them the rest of the way up with water and place back into the freezer to freeze yet again.  Remove the ice cubes from the trays when needed and add to the punch bowl or cold drinks to be served.  Enjoy!



Making of Rose Water

                                                                          How to make Rose Water:

Collect 4 cups of fragrant rose petals, usually dark red and mauve roses have the richest fragrance. Be sure that NO Pesticides have been used upon the roses that are to be used for this!

*        Place 2 cups of rose petals in a 3-quart saucepan.                          

    Reserve the remaining 2 cups of rose petals in a large heatproof bowl.


*        Boil approximately 2 quarts of water. Pour enough boiling water over petals to cover them in the saucepan.


*        Cover pan tightly with a lid or aluminum foil. Let steep for 15 minutes. Do Not Heat!


*        Place a fine-mesh strainer over the heatproof bowl with the reserved fresh rose petals in it.

    Pour liquid from saucepan through a fine-mesh strainer onto the fresh rose petals.

    Cover bowl. Discard the first batch of steeped rose petals.


*        After contents of bowl have cooled, pour contents of bowl through strainer again and into a glass jar. Use this rose water immediately or

          refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.















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