Garden Of The Heart

Garden Of The Heart…….


Within the living heart of man

There is a garden fair

Conforming to the Master Plan

Of God, Who placed it there:

A wonderland of untilled fields

With strange enchanted soil

Which promises exciting yields

For one with will to toil.


To fill this garden, each should choose

The plants that prove their worth

By bearing blooms which man can use

To beautify the earth….

Like LOVE and FAITH that lives and grows

When set in fertile sod,

And KINDNESS, each a priceless rose

First hybridized by God.


If winds of fate spread seeds of GREED

Throughout the garden spot

And these should sprout, ‘tis time to weed,

To cultivate the plot,

And then to feed with logic, lest

Such parasites despoil,

For thistles only grow their best

In starved neglected soil!


So toil, that through the open gate

More doubtful men may see

How lovely part of God’s Estate –

One human heart – can be,

That they would build a counterpart

Based on a fact WE know ….

When roses bloom within the heart,

No weed has room to grow!


          Loyd  E. Smoke



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