Stans’ Rose “Rev Up” Mix & Process

Are your rosebushes heat stressed, transplant stressed or just plain seem tired?

 Try This!

 Stan’s “Rose Rev Up” Mix

In 1 ½ or 2 gallon container full of water mix the following ingredients:

1/4 – Cup of Epsom Salts

3 – Tablespoons Super Thrive

Root Stimulator of choice as directed on the label for 1 ½  or 2 gallons of water.

Work 1/3 to ½ cup of Kelp Meal into the soils around each rosebush.

Pour half of the container of Rev Up mix around the base of each rosebush, over the area where the kelp meal was added. Wait an hour or two and water in well with watering wand.

Note: Let water for making this mix stand for an hour or so as to let the chlorine dissipate a bit if you have high chlorine in your water.

Tropicana - Hybrid Tea Rose Blooms - "Wedding Romance" - Photo by Stan V. Griep
Tropicana – Hybrid Tea Rose Blooms – “Wedding Romance” – Photo by Stan V. Griep

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