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Stan The Rose Man - April 2014
Stan The Rose Man


I am now an Award Winning Freelance Writer as well as an award winning Floral Photographer. An honor this is!


Liebeszauber - (Loves' Kisses) - Hybrid Tea Rose (Kordes Roses) - As Captured By: Stan V. Griep
Liebeszauber – (Love’s Magic) – Hybrid Tea Rose (Kordes Roses) – As Photographed By: Stan V. Griep


Welcome to the Colorado Rosarian Website.

 This website is all about roses with some information on how to plant them, grow them, care for them and enjoy them. There is a gallery page with some wonderful photography to enjoy as well. If you have any rose care questions please feel free to contact me at rosebed7@gmail.com .

This website has been put together by Consulting Master Rosarian Stan V. Griep. I have over 40 years of rose growing experience in my home state of Colorado (USA).I have written several articles on roses and rose care which have been published in various magazines and published on gardening websites such as www.gardeningknowhow.com and www.coloradogardening.com .

Honorary Member: The Rose Society of South Australia.


Master Rosarian Certification Awarded To Me - September 2016!
Master Rosarian Certification Awarded
To Me – September 2016!


Photography Note:

I am an accomplished, yet still amateur, award winning floral photographer. My favorite subjects are rose bloom smiles (flares in Australia) as you will see upon visiting my photography works section of this website. I have won many First Place ribbons as well as photographic excellence awards with the photography of rose & flower blooms which I grow, love & enjoy dearly. I call the blooms on my roses and other plants their “Bloom Smiles“.

I hope that you will find this site both informative and enjoyable.

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Thank you for stopping by!


Tuscan Sun Bloom, Buds & Foliage - Photo by Stan V. Griep 2010
Tuscan Sun Bloom, Buds & Foliage – Photo by Stan V. Griep
Lavender Delight - Miniature Rose - Photo By Stan V. Griep_C2011
Lavender Delight – Miniature Rose – Photo By Stan V. Griep
Tahitian Sunset – Hybrid Tea Rose – “Triple Delight” Captured by: Stan V. Griep

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  1. Hello Stan,
    I’m searching high and low for information regarding ‘spray’ roses. I’d like to try my hand at growing them but need to know a few key things. I hope you can help me.
    Let me clarify the type I mean; the flowers look like mini hybrid tea roses. There are multiple blooms per stem – all occurring at the top/blooming end so they look like a spray of roses. They are often sold in grocery store florist stands. They come in various colors. You’d think the flowers of miniature rose but the stems are much longer than miniatures and tho long are much finer/thinner than hybrid teas.
    What is the species name?
    Rootstock available, from which company?
    Hardy in zone 5 western Montana?

    Thank you so much for your time and your valuable information here and elsewhere!


    1. Hi Lori,

      Spray roses appears to be more of a florist and marketing term than an actual new breed of roses. Many floribunda rosebushes and mini-flora/miniature rosebushes bloom in sprays of blooms and can be trained a bit to get more sprays of blooms by doing some selective disbudding so that more of the buds left open at pretty much the same time. A rosebush named Lavaglut from Kordes Roses of Germany is just one that loves to bloom in such sprays, she has beautiful deep red blooms. Miniature rosebushes like Tiddly Winks and Lavender Delight bloom in masses of beautiful sprays as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much Stan. I will check into these links you include. It’s not that I thot it a new variety. Just trying to pin down the species/cultivar so I can track down a supplier if plants that I might grow if hardy to my zone in Montana. I can’t help but wonder that the mass of them hale from south America where most the roses for the floral trade are grown.
        Thank you for responding.


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